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Hercule Poirot as played by David Suchet - he does such an amazing job of bringing the character to life.

Hercule Poirot David Suchet - makes the book character alive!

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective key poster art.

Linda Martin Pet Detective: The Case of Twink's Dog

The Godfather Trilogy: The Path of Redemption Through Lighting

The Godfather Release date: March 1972 (initial release) Director: Francis Ford Coppola Cast: Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall,.

percival graves | Tumblr

Life ebbs and flows

dad and junior

Publicity Shot: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - Sean Connery & Harrison Ford

marty mcfly red jacket - Google Search

Great Character: Marty McFly ("Back to the Future")

El electrón                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Historical Development of Atomic Theory. James Kennedy VCE Chemistry Teacher at Haileybury, Australia

So this is what I'm doing instead of my titration homework: Chemistry & Colours of pH Indicators

All the chemistry infographics that you will ever need!

Aufbau chart - Electron Energy Level Configuration Diagram  like the virtues, first you start with a basic virtue, then once you're solid with that virtue you start practicing a higher, dependent virtue and keep practicing and mastering the fundamental virtues

Stable atoms have as many electrons as they do protons. How do these electrons orient themselves around the nucleus? They fill their electron orbitals by the aufbau principle.: The Aufbau Principle - Using the Aufbau Principle


Chem jokes pretty much make me cry from laughing so hard! This is Yo Mama Chem Joke, nothing is better!