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an animated group of people standing next to each other in front of a dark background
Slendy and Jeff by PSlenDy on DeviantArt
Anyone know who is on the far right??; Slendy, Offender, Trender, and Splendy
two different pictures of clowns with hats and tails, one in black and white
Offenderman, Splendorman, text, funny, collage, different, expressions, faces; Creepypasta
an animated comic strip with two different scenes
three different anime characters with captioning in the middle and one saying i'm fine told me to kill you?
some black and white comics are being drawn
Jeff and Lui
an anime character with headphones on standing in front of a wall covered with writing
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jeff the killer, creepypasta
an image of two people being hugged by another person with the caption, i can't kill?
İs jeff the only one who thinks like this? : D Looks like he's obviously a killer.
an anime character with a blindfolded head
Eyeless Jack :3
an animated comic strip about how to make a sandwich jeff the killer style
an image of a woman laying on the couch with her head in her hand and another person lying down next to her
jajajj, pobre jeff (mentira)
an anime character with black hair and blood on his face, kneeling in front of a white background
Anime guy (Jeff the Killer)
the poster for go to sleep is shown in red and black, with blood splatters all over it
Daughter of the Killer Family (Jeff/Jane the Killer Fan Fic) - Chapter 28 - Third Plan: The Big Finale
Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! Thus picture is beautiful!!!
an anime character is talking to another person
Creepypasta Goretober Day 5 : Amputation by Alloween on DeviantArt
Nathan the Nobody / Laughing Jack / Jeff the Killer The creepypastas that got long black hair. I luv man with long hair. like thor. so fabulous. ----------------------- Nathan (c) IvyDarkRose ...
an animated comic strip with two different scenes
How Jeff met Offenderman.... Offendy, Jeff's a boy...>>> yes... Because offendy REALLY cares about that
a drawing of a man with blood all over his body and leg, standing in front of the camera