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What Are Some Examples of Compounds with Ionic Bonds?: This is the three-dimensional ionic structure of sodium chloride, NaCl. Sodium chloride is also known as halite or table salt.

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Bond Polarity

Using the Electronegativities we can predict whether a given bond will be non-polar, polar covalent, or ionic. The greater the difference in electronegativity the more polar the bond.

What is Dynamic Equilibrium? | The Chemistry Journey | The Virtual School…

chemistry equilibrium systems instructions guide, chemistry equilibrium systems service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.


The Secret of Life - the DNA double Helix- how to explain it to 6 six year old May be good for world Down's day class discussion?

My life, literally and figuratively. Glad someone else calls them "nitrogenous…

DNA is a polymer of nucleotides. Two polymers can join to form a double-stranded molecule (double helix) via complimentary base pairing. For more details go to the "DNA structure and function" board

Hydrogen Bond Accepter and Donor

What are Hydrogen Bond Accepter and Hydrogen Bond Donor?

How to teach Hydrogen Bonding - YouTube

Unit Hydrogen Bonding - featuring simple activities with surface tension that visually demonstrate the strength of hydrogen bonds, and how detergents work.