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a pair of brown leather belt straps on a black background
Western holster and cartridge belt
PLEASE INCLUDE ALL INFORMATION AT THE TIME OF THE ORDER, IN THE PERSONALIZATION OR MESSAGE SECTION OF THE AD. Thank You!! This is : "MADE TO ORDER"And MADE IN THE U.S.A Western Cowboy holster and cartridge belt. it is custom made to your waist size so measurement is very important It is for any SAA including the Colt Python. You can always email at with info or questions This is made from vegetable tanned leather 2 layers glued and machine sewn so its smooth inside /s
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Longhorn Leather AZ-We specialize in custom leather single action & 1911 holsters, western cartridge belts, gun belts, rifle slings and gunstock covers . Our products are individually handcrafted to deliver the highest level of quality and performance.
a tan leather belt with an intricate design
Longhorn Leather AZ-We specialize in custom leather gunstock covers. Our gunstock covers are individually handcrafted to deliver the highest level of quality and performance.
Longhorn Leather AZ-Gunstock Covers - Longhorn Leather AZ
a brown leather belt with an embossed design on the side and a new tag
Deluxe Antiqued Tan Leather Holster - Medieval Collectibles
Deluxe Antiqued Tan Leather Holster - buy for $116.00 on Medieval Collectibles. When thinking of the traditional cowboy style, a tan leather holster always comes to mind. If the same is true for you, then make sure to add the exquisitely crafted Deluxe Antiqued Tan Leather Holster to your collection or wardrobe. This right side holster is intricately detailed with leaf designs across its thick, genuine leather surface. White stitching lines the edges of this holster, while a shining buckle
a brown leather case sitting on the ground next to a black and red knife holder
"brn/pocket/ RUger SP101 2\" holster"
"brn/pocket/ SP101-2\" holster available now/ no wait time. custom handmade by"
a brown leather glove laying on the ground
Ruger Sp101 Leather holster, Avenger canted holster
"Avenger holster for a Ruger SP101 3\" barrel revolver. Designed to fit a 1.5\" gunbelt up to 1/4\" thick. Custom wetmolded for perfect fit and retention. Made of 8/9oz Hermann Oak holster leather main and 6oz reinforcement patch. This is a very solid design made to last a lifetime. Handmade by me with all American materials"
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Colt army 1860
a brown leather belt with metal rivets on it
The Tombstone Leather Gunbelt and Holster - Cochise Leather Co.
The Tombstone is bordered tooled with six bullet loops on holster face. Straight Left or Straight Right. Fully lined.
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Colt army 1860
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Colt conversion
Colt conversion
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1866 Winchester
1866 Winchester