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Ports (super helpful!!)

Port - Most input/output devices are outside the computer case. These devices communicate with components inside the computer case through a wireless connection or through pcables attatched to the case at a connection called a port.


Minimalist Movie Posters 300 by Daniel Keane

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Moon movie poster - Directed by Duncan Jones - Starring Sam Rockwell

American designer/illustrator Mike Mahlee have created a really cool project where he’s illustrated a poster for all the 23 movies. I’ve only selected a couple for this post, but you can check out the rest here.

james bond poster art - Mike Mahle has created a new series of James Bond poster art in which he re-imagines and illustrates the classic movie posters. These posters are a.

The Thing (1982)  HD Wallpaper From Gallsource.com

The Thing - movie poster - Chris Weston

Bruce Willis - Best ever quote ;)

Bruce Willis in the manly classic "Die Hard". If your one of the three people left in Canada who hasn't seen it, his character is the definition of hypermasculinity.

This is the best movie ever, you don't think so you don't watch good movies! Jk but it's still the most awesome movie I've ever seen!

Jurassic Minimalist Art Print by Ed Burczyk

The Fifth Element by Dan Mumford

1997 Sci Fi Thriller starring Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and Gary Oldman

Die Hard - Tim Doyle ----

Tim Doyle Die Hard Movie Poster and Predator Movie Posters on sale from the artists

Чунгконг е базиран в Холандия дизайнер, който създава наистина оригинални илюстрации на култови филми. За направата на тези плакати той използва хумористичен език, изобретателност и въображение, за да визуализира заглавията на някои от най-успешните ленти. Неговата колекция от илюстрации вече включва над 300 заглавия

My Apocalypse Now Minimal Movie Poster Digital Art