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some cartoon characters with different facial expressions and hair colors, all in various poses to look like
DMAC Is Too Damn Busy To Draw
DMAC Is Too Damn Busy To Draw — Penny Arcade
an image of many different characters in the movie
MrJAG Gaslight pages 1-12, John A Gibson
three different types of sea animals with long hair
Nigricaan creature, Edin Durmisevic
ArtStation - Nigricaan creature, Edin Durmisevic
an artistic painting of a strange creature in the sky
Emrakul - Aeons Torn by tohdraws on DeviantArt
an octopus is floating in the ocean with its tentacles spread out and it's head glowing
an image of a giant octopus in the middle of a city with people surrounding it
Eldritch Moon review: Well damn, everything’s sprouted tentacles
Surprise! It was Emrakul who had been hiding out in Innistrad and was causing some, er, issues.