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DXN Lion's Mane tablet http://www.dxnengland.com/products/food-supplements/

Lion& Mane Hericium Herinaceus Mushroon Dxn - Ganoderma e Spirulina Dxn

Cordyceps sinensis http://www.dxnengland.com/products/food-supplements/

Cordyceps Sinensis (Dong Chong Xia Cao) is one of the most valued medicinal fungi which is a very well known and important ingredient in Chinese traditional supplement.

DXN Reishi Mushroom powder http://www.dxnengland.com/products/ganoderma-food-supplements/

Products containing Ganoderma mushroom - Kertész Péter 's site

GL (Ganocelium powder) http://www.dxnengland.com/products/ganoderma-food-supplements/

GL powder GL Powder can result in quick absorption into the body and help to speed up the healing process. We can mix it with water or our favorite soup or juice. GL helps to improve the general well-being of the body and detox the body.

RG (Reishigano) powder http://www.dxnengland.com/products/ganoderma-food-supplements/

RG (Reishigano) powder http://www.dxnengland.com/products/ganoderma-food-supplements/

GL360 ganoderma capsule (ganocelium) http://www.dxnengland.com/products/ganoderma-food-supplements/

GL DXN 30 capsule Ganoderma Lucidum x integratore vitamine biologico

Spica Tea http://www.dxnengland.com/products/ganoderma-coffee-products/

Spica Tea Spica tea is a combination of special blend of herbs according to ancient Chinese recipe. Spica tea is light and tasty, doesn´t contain caffeine, preservatives, sweeteners, making it ideal for any age and gender.

Reishi Gano Tea http://www.dxnengland.com/products/ganoderma-coffee-products/

Dxn Italia integratori alimentari al Ganoderma Lucidum - Ganoderma Dxn