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Trade Mistakes For Sheep — A few people asked about how I colored so I made a...
I hope it’s not too messy lol, I was trying to show some important things about colours and how I do stuff xD I highly recommend learning about colour theory! (there are many great tutorials and books you can learn from) Even if my drawings aren’t very realistic knowing about colours and light, how they work together and what they do to each other is extremely important!  Also, draw from life, draw from references, experiment.
Art Resources + Tutorials — artofpan: Whoo, super long nose tutorial! I’m...

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YCH Adopt [CLOSED] by Death2Eden on DeviantArt Drawing Base, Figure Drawing, Art Drawings Sketches Simple, Cool Drawings, Cartoon Kunst, Drawing Expressions, Flirty Face Expression Drawing
YCH Adopt [CLOSED] by MxPastel on DeviantArt
YCH Adopt [CLOSED] by Death2Eden on DeviantArt
Drawing Stuff, Sketching Tips, Drawing Board
YouTube foervreengd Okay so I followed this video about foreshortening and... Sycra. I love you so much for making this video. sungodphoebus guys GUYS SHIT SHIT GUYS B thatoboekid reblogging againg because holy cow, this HELPS the-hopeful-actor I'll just have to watch this soon & artbymoga asexuaimew SERIOUSLY REBLOG THIS EVERTIME IT'S ON MY DASH! IT'S SO HELPFUL!! Sycra is really great you guys. Ya'll should subscribe to his youtube channel if you want more cool art tutorials! @retro-savvy @gundamdoublex @rejectclone queueishere anayadusksong It works!!! Dudes, I am going to watch ALL of this guy's tutorial videos!! kelly-chan-is-a-bad-pickle--help are you fucking serius- ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS IT WORKS AND SPENT SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO PULL THIS SHIT OFF BEFORE BUT THEN THERS THIS EASY SHIT COULD HAVE DONE AREYOUFUCKINGSERIOU - iFunny
The twins when they were little! After losing their parents...too cute and sad... Art Drawings Sketches, Anime Drawings, Cute Drawings, Manga Drawing, Character Drawing, Anime Character Design
The twins when they were little! After losing their parents...too cute and sad...
Abigail Barton
Abigail Barton
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Nightblast Harmony
Nightblast Harmony
Holding Can Reference, Designs For Drawing, Ball Drawing
August reference sheets -PREVIEW- | Kibbitzer