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Was told today that my outfit makes me look like the girl version of Luke. Nirvana shirt, red flannel, skinny jeans combat boots and straightened hair.

Okkkaaaaaaayyyy guys I'm creating a 5SOS board. Yes... it has gotten to that point. ^_^

Hey I made a fandom group board! If you like the pins on here, there are gonna be even more pins on the group board! You just gotta let me know by commenting on a pin! Thanks guys!

Well then

Can't get over him being pelted with fruit by a NAKED Harry Styles. Like I wanna be pelted with fruit by a NAKED Harry Styles.

Luke Hemmings what. No. Stop that.

But no imagine shy young Luke asking you to prom and you're just like yeah ok sure, no one else is going to ask me and then he shows up like that and you're just like OK WOW HELLO GORGEOUS.

Luke Hemmings

Thought this picture would work cuz he lives in his vans! So YA I ordered my vans today exactly like him and I mean exactly we have the same shoe size don't judge me I'm weird