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This is the BEST chicken marinade recipe and is key to getting incredibly moist, juicy and flavorful chicken! It's super easy to make and great for grilling or baking chicken.
Chicken Marinade
This is the BEST chicken marinade recipe and is key to getting incredibly moist, juicy and flavorful chicken! It's super easy to make and great for grilling or baking chicken.
a dessert in a glass bowl with chocolate and strawberries on top
Chocolate Protein Pudding
This protein pudding uses Greek yogurt as the base and can easily be made into three different flavors – chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter. It’s the perfect high protein snack.
two desserts in small glass containers on a marble counter top with chocolate chips and cream
Peanut Butter Protein Pudding
This peanut butter protein pudding is made with Greek yogurt and peanut butter powder. It's thick, creamy and packed with over 30 grams of protein!
a bowl filled with fruit and yogurt on top of a white table next to sliced strawberries
Protein Acai Bowl
Make a high protein acai bowl with banana, berries, frozen acai puree, greek yogurt, protein powder and all your favorite toppings! It's healthy, super easy to make and packed with over 30 grams of protein.
a cut in half sandwich sitting on top of a white plate next to sliced avocado
Cottage Cheese Wrap
This viral cottage cheese wrap is made with simple ingredients, has a soft and pliable texture and is perfect as a high protein, low carb option to use as a wrap or flatbread.
two hamburgers with lettuce, tomato and onion on a cutting board next to a bowl of ranch dressing
The Best Turkey Burger
This turkey burger recipe comes together in 20 minutes with simple ingredients, making it perfect for a quick and easy dinner. The patties are moist, juicy and packed with tons of flavor!
a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries on the side
Protein Oatmeal
This simple protein oatmeal recipe packs in over 25 grams of protein thanks to the addition of protein powder. It's easy to make and will keep you full all morning long!
a quiche with cheese and green onions in a pie pan next to other ingredients
Cottage Cheese Quiche
This easy cottage cheese quiche is creamy, cheesy and packed with tons of flavor. It's the perfect high-protein option for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.
a person holding up a quesadilla with toppings on it and salsa in the background
Healthy Chicken Quesadillas
The best healthy chicken quesadillas made with chopped chicken, veggies, cheese and tons of flavor. They're customizable, come together in minutes and can be made in advance for quick and easy meals.
a bowl filled with guacamole surrounded by tortilla chips
Cottage Cheese Queso
This 3 ingredient cottage cheese queso comes together in about 5 minutes for a high protein snack or appetizer that's creamy, cheesy and seriously addicting!
a skillet filled with chicken and peppers next to bowls of salsa, tortillas and lime wedges
Chicken Fajitas
This chicken fajitas recipe is packed with flavor and comes together in under 30 minutes for a quick and easy weeknight dinner that the whole family will love!
a white bowl filled with lots of different types of food on top of a table
Jennifer Aniston Cobb Salad
This protein Cobb salad packs in over 45 grams of protein! It's loaded with romaine lettuce, chicken, turkey bacon, chickpeas, salami, tomatoes and cheese all tossed in a simple Italian dressing.
slices of bacon on a baking sheet in a pan
Turkey Bacon in the Oven
Skip the stovetop and cook turkey bacon in the oven instead! It's so easy, there's minimal clean up and it results in perfectly crispy turkey bacon every time.
a salad in a bowl with blueberries and eggs
Blueberry Breakfast Salad
This sweet and savory blueberry breakfast salad combines scrambled eggs with fresh blueberries and pistachios served over a bed of greens. It's hearty, delicious and the perfect way to start your day!
four pieces of chicken cooking on a grill in an air frying pan with tongs
Air Fryer Chicken Cutlets
This easy recipe for air fryer chicken cutlets requires no breading. It cooks up in under 15 minutes and results in perfectly tender and juicy chicken every time!