Fanni Rebeka Kanalas

Fanni Rebeka Kanalas

- Nahát hejhó, ide tévedtél drágá tezsvírem, aprópénzed van? A papírpénz huszast nem veszi be az italautomata... Dánkesőn, maj' meghálálom egy vajas zsömlével,
Fanni Rebeka Kanalas
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photography / hipster / indie / grunge

Brian Crippe is a talented self taught photographer based in Portland, Oregon, USA. He shoots a lot of street, urban, landscape and cityscape photography.

How to make smoke bombs

Colored smoke bombs help to create a rather dreamy and mysterious atmosphere. - This one looks "druggy" (sorry for being crude) but used differently, I think the colored smoke idea would be nifty for pictures!

photography with smoke bombs - Google Search

Enola Gaye is the world leading manufacturer of coloured smoke bombs for photography, our coloured smoke for photography is the simple and easy to use