Lillafüred, Miskolc, HU.

During winter in Kamchatka, Russia, snow that accumulates over streams never thaws completely, photographer Denis Budkov -

Kinga Rajzak and Daga Ziober in Hungarian-themed clothes

Magazine: NY Times T Style Magazine Women’s Fashion Issue: Spring 2012 Models: Kinga Rajzak & Daga Ziober Photographer: Boo George Stylist:Vanessa Traina

Héviz, Hungary: required traveling.

The famous Thermal lake in Héviz, Hungary, Europe. I think this will be a little bit too far for a day trip, but it looks really niiiiiiiice


Hungarian pantry, lots of hanging sausages, garlic Jars of jam and pickled gherkins.

Hungarian honey ginger bread or mézeskalács, with pattern roller

I want this lovely springerle rolling pin from King Arthur flour/recipe comes with it.

Robert Capa, one of the most famous war-photographers of  the human history.

Naturally, I totally agree with Robert Capa, one of the most famous war-photographers ever.


A handsome Hungarian horse wrangler in the process of demonstrating his whip snapping skills.

Scene from Sopron  Sopron, Hungary

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