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Above the storm by TigRaidoXXX / Kaladin vs. Szeth

Above the storm by TigRaidoXXX A Scene from Words of Radiance Chapter 86 - Patterns of Light “The weapon fuzzed to mist, then elongated and grew into the shape of a silvery spear, with glowing,.

OMG, Would You Look at These New AMERICAN GODS Posters | Nerdist

Czernobog, one of Mr. Wednesday's powerful frenemies, is about as gruesome and grotesque as they come. The creature of old's background lies in the bloodier bits of the meat industry; more specifically, he used to bludgeon cows to death. His passion for c

American Gods

One of the New Gods, Technical Boy is a dirtbag teen who vapes and rides around in a tacky stretch limousine. Eager to recruit Shadow to his side of the battle, he's as tenacious as he is petulant. Premiering April on Starz.

One of the most mysterious figures of the bunch, Mr. World is a bit of a puppet master. Usually at the center of the action, he's a silent player who appears to hold more control than anyone — perhaps even more than Mr. Wednesday.

World - Crispin Glover AHHHH! Feast Your Eyes Upon These Spectacular American Gods Character Posters