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English Conversations

English Chat [English Conversations]Free chat where ESL learners and teachers can chat in English For learners of English.

Above the storm by TigRaidoXXX / Kaladin vs. Szeth

Above the storm by TigRaidoXXX A Scene from Words of Radiance Chapter 86 - Patterns of Light “The weapon fuzzed to mist, then elongated and grew into the shape of a silvery spear, with glowing,.

American Gods

One of the New Gods, Technical Boy is a dirtbag teen who vapes and rides around in a tacky stretch limousine. Eager to recruit Shadow to his side of the battle, he's as tenacious as he is petulant. Premiering April on Starz.

<em>American Gods</em> - Season 1 photo 5

Like a ray of sunshine, Easter brings light and levity into all the lives she touches. But behind her sweet demeanor is real, raw power that can turn the tide should she wish to use it.

Zack Snyder discusses the importance of Superman in Justice League. Jessica Chastain throws her hat in the ring for Gotham City Sirens. Michael Keaton compares his Spider-Man: Homecoming villain to Tony Stark. Plus, new details about the Tomb Raider reboot, and a ton of new pictures from American Gods. To me, my spoilers!

Bilquis, an alluring and lethal creature, draws her strength from the worship of others. She's as beautiful as she is unpredictable — and no mortal can resist her powers of seduction. Premiering April on Starz.

American Gods

Mad Sweeney is a hard-drinking and harder-fighting leprechaun who breaks stereotypes with his height. He's a mad magician of sorts: His sleight of hand is unparalleled, and he's rarely without a shining gold coin in hand.