Antipasto Skewers

Antipasto skewers = easiest appetizer EVER. Currently I’m sitting on the train, zipping my way towards Manhattan, and dreaming about the bagel I’m going to devour when I get there. After binge watching the first two seasons of Mozart in the jungle

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The Ultimate Appetizer Board

The Ultimate Appetizer Board - Grab the shopping list for the most epic appetizer board of all times! It’s a spread to end all spreads and there’s a little something for everyone.

Fokhagymás galuska

Keto Garlic Gnocchi - 4 net carbs per 1 cup serving. 2 cups shredded Mozzarella, 3 egg yolks, 1 t granulated garlic, butter & olive oil for sauteing.

Burgonya golyó

Paneer Kofta/Stuffed Cheese Balls:Homemade cheese stuffed with raisins, nuts & cream - deep fried for a delightful melt in your mouth snack.

Sárgaborsó krémleves sonkával

Sárgaborsó krémleves sonkával

Rozmaringos burgonya

Rozmaringos burgonya a sütőből – finomság a hideg napokra