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a black and white poster with vertical lines on the wall, in front of a dark background
ARC Research
ARC Research on Behance
the word love is written in black on a white background with vertical lines and dots
three circles are shown in black and white
Herbert W. Franke on penccil
four different lines are shown in black and white
transcendental abstractionism holger lippmann / artist www / twit / fb
an image of two circles in the middle of a black background with gold foil on it
an old book with four different types of lines and shapes on it's pages
three circles are shown in black and white
No Brash Festivity
an old book with three different types of shapes and lines on it's cover
a close up of an electric guitar body on a white surface with black knobs
Bailey custom one string bass-7/7- assembly and set up - Bailey Guitars
a painting of a crescent moon in the night sky
Crescent moon by John Robinette | Flickr #art #painting #moon #dark #night #stars
we are in orbit poster with an image of the earth and its four intersecting circles
Cory Doctorow on X
a black and white drawing of stars in the night sky on a circular surface with watercolor
Kris10's Wonderwall
a black and white photo with a round hole in the center on a dark background