Edina Bánfiné Parázsó

Edina Bánfiné Parázsó

Edina Bánfiné Parázsó
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Fireworks over city, 5th grade originally.  Wonderful combination of black and white designs (possibly zentangles?) and color!  Maybe good for a sub lesson....

cityscape - I love the black line drawing against the richly colored skies. * I think I would add colorful water below to balance it and show the "colorfulness" of nature contrasted by the black and white of the city.


Great, quick art project for the first weeks of school. What a fun to decorate and personalize the classroom. Could go with David Shannon's "A Bad Case of Stripes"

substitute teacher plan  pop art names

Stained Glass Names: this is a simple project, and a great introduction to the concept of positive and negative space for younger kids. Any project using their names is typically a guaranteed hit! It is also a good way to really explore the shape of the