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Percy Jackson, after the war with Gaea, Percy has decided that he wanted a break from quests and wars. He leaves for the mortal world not wanting to come back until he feels he is ready to return. However he just gets in bigger danger

Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach Coconut Curry

A wonderful Vegan Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach Coconut Curry from the Oh She Glows Every Day Cookbook! This curry is so delicious, filling, warm and a good kick of spice. via I made it substituting some frozen diced tomatillos for the tomatoes.

Chickpea Cauliflower Curry

[ Diet Plans To Lose Weight : – Image : – Description Chickpea Cauliflower Curry – Vegan, healthy 20 minutes curry with chickpeas and cauliflower simmered in coconut-curry broth. gluten free Sharing is power – Don’t forget to share !

Vegan & Gluten-Free ramen noodle soup filled with delicious flavors and veggies! So healthy with anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger! www.veganosity.com

Homemade Asian ramen noodle soup with spinach, mushrooms, and spinach and a turmeric ginger broth. Healthy and delicious soup for the entire family.