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hydrangea and wisteria - both have varied flower colors. Both are also seen in Old Southern landscapes. Hydrangea like rich damp soil with filtered sun. Wisteria will seek out light and do well in full sun.

lavender lined path...you can just imagine how good this smells!

lavender lined path. Lavender "What a beautiful aroma!" I have always wanted a walkway that is lined with beautiful landscape of plants and flowers. Lavender is such a soft color and smell that would be my dream!

pretty firepit patio backyard area

pretty firepit patio backyard area - I like the sand, rocks and simple blocks to keep everything contained. It might be pretty to use beach sand too. Like a beach bonfire

So simple yet so serene

So simple yet so serene . my shade garden is in a narrow side yard that I share with a neighbor. The garden extends into a swale. I am in search of a solution to water runoff and uneven grass. This might be the perfect solution.