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Awesome motorbike cakes

These motorbike themed cakes were made by people from around the world. So if you're searching for cake ideas for someone, who loves motorbikes, then check out these awesome cakes!

Oh my goodness - the colors all blend so beautifully, the texture is amazing, and it doesn't look like an airbrush came in sight of this. Amazing!

Sunset beach Cake - I made this cake at work for a wedding. They requested "the most amazing cake anyone has seen.) I hope the cake lived up to their expectations. The cake is all decorated in butter cream icing.

Fun colors for a little girl - Covered with fondant, marcipan decorations. VACakelady's idea. THX for looking!

A very lovely cakecentral cake! If you are used to working with fondant an idea like this one is cute and not too hard to attempt. Even without the bow it would be a nice cake.

Название: 8.jpg Просмотров: 1  Размер: 108.2 Кб

Название: 8.jpg Просмотров: 1 Размер: 108.2 Кб