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Winter Tempest Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern by Hopeful Honey

Envelope yourself in the warmth and serenity of the Winter Tempest Blanket, as it gently transports you to a quaint little cottage by the seaside. The tranquil world of oceans and rippling waves brings a simple sophistication to this elegant blanket.

...JOE CODY...

...JOE CODY...

Horse Anatomy Pictures-Think Like a Horse-Rick Gore Horsemanship ®

How can we train and ride horses and not know how their body works. We ask them to do things they never asked to do and yet most are ignorant of how their bodies work. Would you go to a yoga instructor that knew nothing of how the human body works?

Acupointers: Points for Relieving Pain

Natural Horse Magazine covers natural and holistic care for horses, humane training, kids riding, alternative care, and complementary therapies.

Bringing lessons to life: Miss Higgins with her horse Kiitos who has his skeleton painted on his body

Gillian Higgins is a champion horseback rider who teaches horse anatomy to veterinary students, riders, and caretakers by painting the skeletal and muscular systems on the bodies of live horses.