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Buckles with representations of animals, a decorative style known as zoomorphic. Found in England on Roman military and civil sites and also in Anglo-Saxon graves - netmarshall

Germanic silver fibula, 5th century AD in form of a horsefly 6.2 cm length, wings mended

GERMANIC SILVER FIBULA FIRST HALF OF V century A. Silver alloy cast fibulae in the form of a horsefly with stylistic wings; accented neck with grooves; angular head with oval eyes. Flat underside with spring mechanism.

Copper Alloy Brooch in the Form of a Winged Insect, Eastern Germanic, c. 4th century AD

The winged insect was a popular motif in both Germanic and nomadic metalwork during the late fourth and fifth centuries. Gold bees appeared in the grave of the Frankish king Childeric (d. while other richly appointed graves, such as that at Domagnano

Scythian 5th century B.C. gold pendant.

A fine sheet-gold pendant depicting a male head wearing crescentic decoration with a gold sphere at the top pierced for suspension. Four drop pendants below.