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The Dark Knight, the joker is so disgustingly beautiful.

My favourite of the Joker& lines from The Dark Knight. An amazing performance from Heath Ledger, but an tragic end befalled him. This movie will always be remembered by everyone because he made this special.

No truer statement has ever been uttered by a villian about his arch-nemesis. They exist to give each other meaning.

that is exactly the same as L and light relationship. L is batman. and Light is the joker. (Relationship wise not in their actually personalities. obviously Light is nothing like the Joker!

Why should I apologise for the monster I've become..

each of our actions is shaping the lives around us; a human is born, but his effect is made [QUOTE, Heath Ledger as the Joker: 'Why should I apologize for the monster I've become? No one ever apologized for making me this way.