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an image of a painting with people and animals on it's face in the background
Commissions — Kathleen Neeley
an owl and man standing in front of a night sky with the moon above them
Commissions — Kathleen Neeley
an image of cartoon characters with flowers and plants
the logo for lake gail's double headed eagle
Draw, Art Drawings, Drawings
an octopus is floating in the dark with its head turned to look like it's holding something
a painting of white flowers and grass in a forest with stream running through the center
Phyllis Shafer – Nature Divine: Landscape Paintings of the American West
a colorful dragon painted on the side of a building
Instagram (@instagram) / X
a colorful paper cut out of a dragon on a counter top next to a window
Boy Kong Combines Traditional, Street Art Sensibilities - Hi-Fructose Magazine
a screen shot of the web page with an image of some type of artwork on it
Wonderland, Alice In Wonderland, Posters, Disney, Morgan Library, John Tenniel
Alice with Baby Pig