DIY Projects with Pipe

DIY Rolling Firewood Holder Made From Plumbing Pipes. If we ever convert fireplace to wood burning stove

Basement remodel - PSch LOVE stone around gas fireplace! Would prefer gray/white mix veneer stones (small); different style gas f/p.

Because it is a snowy area, in the winter the front of the stove will be the cat's favorite spot. そう Sometimes it comes to guest room for the aim!

Who said that the fireplace is something old? In this post you’re going to see that the fireplace is not old, because the latest generation of gas fireplaces from Swiss manufacturer Attika Feuer is a completely new form of fire.

Mountain Living

リビングダイニング事例:2面ガラスの薪ストーブ(群馬県邑楽町・土間リビングの家|A house)