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Get Free Targeted Lead - The struggle is potent in this one. >> Find out more at the picture link

Smol mochi. Namjoon | Jimin | BTS

Smol mochi. Namjoon | Jimin | BTS


I wasn't the only one not dressed for a wedding in new years I was in my pj's not giving a shit yup that's right I was on my pj's watching kpop and anime all day in my room and alone

Does that still amaze you when it comes to BTS?

Wow guys can you believe bangtan invented being synchronized? <<< I would believe shinee invented it before BTS. No hate. But whateves.

Taehyung's duality

Lol god created Taehyung, and he put cute, and hot together just like Jimin, and made a dangerous combo.

the name of the wind | Tumblr

Distracted Boyfriend, also known as Man Looking at Other Woman, is a captioned stock photo series in which a man looks at the backside of a woman walking by while another woman, presumably his romantic partner, looks on disapprovingly.