Ekkert Zsuzsanna

Ekkert Zsuzsanna

Ekkert Zsuzsanna
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How concrete roof tiles have been used to make raised garden beds. Mulched infiltration basins around the beds store rainwater which wicks up into the beds.

Concrete roof tiles used with reo to make a curved raised garden bed. Soil from the surrounding path is used to build the bed. The recessed path is filled with thick mulch and acts as a infiltration basin to store water, which wick up into the garden bed.

Great use of roof tiles - Srebarna Garden at Pelican Lake Guesthouse Environmental Project Centre: June 2009

We have been living in Bulgaria for over 5 years now. In the first year we knew nothing about gardening.The neighbours came and did everything. Now things are different, mixing GB with BG ways, we have success, well most of the time.

Low retaining wall made from roof tiles

GAP Gardens - Low retaining wall made from roof tiles - Image No: 0081343 - Photo by Elke Borkowski