zeedesertfox: A British soldier inspects a... - British Eevee

Messerschmitt 7 Staffel/Jagdgeschwader 54 (White Pilot: Unteroffizier Arno Zimmermann crash-landed on the beach at Lydd in Kent, South of England. Sunday morning, of October 1940 (Weather, cloudy with some bright intervals)

sört igyál retroplakát blog.JPG (1920×2560)

sört igyál retroplakát blog.JPG (1920×2560)

vw low life

Rear louvers and black wheels look

VW Transporter | NNL | By: Russ B

Awesome Type 2 model from NNL West Santa Clara

A woman returns to the graves of her family in Berlin after the war.

Berlin at the end of WWII - Berlin after WWII May 1945 was a city that had been completely destroyed. Germany had allowed the cruel ideology of Nazi hate to rule there from Just 12 years later it was a waste land.

Magyar Tigris tank egy tábori lelkésszel 1944 ben.

A great color photo of a Tiger 1 with a soldier talking time to reflect while reading.

vintage ad for beer. "this is my love" ...not exactly PC today....:)

vintage ad for beer.not exactly PC today.

Tiger 2-Reste übereinander gestapelt.

Tiger 2 hulls stacked one on top of the other.

Slammed Vw beetle

Cuong Tran uploaded this image to 'random'. See the album on Photobucket.

Love this photo of Toronto's City Hall. From the City of Toronto Archives, poster to "Toronto of the 1970s" on BlogTO.com

Viljo Revell, Toronto City Hall, « Viljo Revell's design has functional drawnbacks - splitting a minucipal bureaucracy in two makes little organisational sense - but the building and its popular plaza have become a Toronto icon.

Frying eggs on a Panzer…
This is Afrika Korps style!

1942 : German tank crew from AfricaKorps frying eggs on Panzer II in North Africa A Panzer can be useful in many way

Illustrator @christo_dagorov's Lips Series begs the question, "If trees could talk, what would they say?"

lip drawing - The lip drawings of Christo Dagorov will astound people. Although they might look like superimposed photos of female mouths and scenes of nature, t.

Document d'époque , rare

Document d'époque , rare


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Budapest, Panzer VI (Tiger II, Königstiger)

31 images you may not have seen before of Tigers 1's & King Tigers! - Page 2 of 3

A Tiger II "Königstiger" in the city of Budapest Hungary.