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Desde ese dia yo supe que eras diferente a los demas...Y hasta ahora lo sigo creyendo

H: But I love you Him: No, this can't be-- Then they noticed him standing there. Him: We must go Harada Miyuki style

Cutest baby in the world :)

Cutest baby in the world :)

"Cuando abrazo a otras personas, el cielo es claro; pero cuando te abrazo a ti, salen las estrellas." - When I hug other people, the sky is clear ; but when I hug you, the stars come out

Let me pass  by Chow Hon Lam

Creative designer, Chow Hon Lam, is also a tee shirt designer/illustrator from Malaysia. Chow just completed his personal project called Flying Mouse which creates 1 design a day, 365 designs a year.