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a woman with white hair is smiling and holding her hands behind her head as she brushes her hair
a woman wearing a red and orange scarf over her head
jon gorrigan
1972 Flowers, Vintage Fashion, Retro, Floral, Vogue, Vintage, Flower Hats, Floral Headpiece, Red Floral
Dust on the Glamour
1940s Hats History - 20 Popular Women's Hat Styles
1940s Hats History - 20 Popular Women's Hat Styles
a woman wearing a gold and black headpiece with jewels on it's face
"I don't remember much about "Cleopatra". There were a lot of other things going on." Elizabeth Taylor
an old black and white photo of a woman in a sailor's uniform posing for the camera
Ginger Rogers
a woman in a black dress and hat laying on the ground with her legs crossed
OC 866
Lucille Ball Love, Fashion, Home, Timeless Fashion, Lucy, I Love Lucy, Old Hollywood
vintage actors
Lucille Ball