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Pun dog - funny memes

The pun husky strikes again

This is beautiful and I want it.

This is the best Ticci Toby picture ever!

The Creepy Art of Zackdunn89

The Creepy Art of Zack Dunn

clearui: “ *DO NOT POST THIS TRANSLATION ELSEWHERE!!* “You, don’t you look delicious?” Gloomy Red Riding Hood Red Hood CV. Midorikawa Hikaru Seguir leyendo ”

Grim-gai no Ouji-sama, Red Hood

This is why I like art

Kate Bochkar on Behance. From Lviv, Ukraine

One more day to see Derek Hess’ ‘I Told You Not To Call The Police’ at Copro Gallery The solo show features a selection of his personal works, as well as featuring his new documentary.

Could use some slight modification to the outfit but otherwise this is pretty cool!

Autuma is hers name


kitsune warrior - Boy with fox mask

"Of Course SIZE MATTERS - Nobody wants a small cup of coffee"

Unless that small cup is really espresso.