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Mini paradise 🌱🌿🌳💚
Creative Home Decor: Inspiring DIY Ideas for Decoration
If you are passionate gardnere (or want to become one) on the link in my bio you can find recent gadgets that will help you grow you home harden without being skilled or exerienced in this industry! PS. it's also amazing home decor! #CraftingYourHomeDIY
aquarium aquascape nano tank. Bonsai tree | tropical fish.
This is a video of my beautiful fish in my nano tank. I take care of them, and always keep the tank clean with a good filter. i also took some time todo some aquascaping I hope you enjoy this video! #aquarium #nanotank #aquascape #tropicalfish #aquariumhobby #fishtank
This is so Satisfying 😍
Would you want a carpet like this? 😍 • via sparkcoming on TT
Aesthetic Home-Made Plant Decor Out Of A Log!
If you are a gardener (or want to become one) or are even just looking for some great home decor like in this video, you can find gadgets, gardening supplies, artificial plants, and more that can help you grow your own home garden or help add to the aesthetic of your home. Credit :
Amazing Innovation Ideas - Creative DIY Microlandscape - Moss Bonsai - Ep 62. #fyp #ideas #diy
Amazing Innovation Ideas - Creative DIY Microlandscape - Moss Bonsai - Ep 62. #fyp #ideas #diy #miniature #garden #gardening #innovation #creativeidea #moss #mossbonsai #terrarium #relax #satisfying
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the different types of aquariums and their names
Vivariums 101: A Complete Guide To A Self-Sustaining Ecosystem!
two jars filled with plants and moss in each one's hands, both showing the same size
Turning a Ordinary Jar Into a Paludarium | home garden ideas
a lamp that is on top of a wooden barrel with plants in it and some potted plants
Tony Le-Britton on Instagram: "The terrarium lamp I made a month ago is looking great and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. The plants are really starting to settle in and as time goes on it will continue to grow and evolve. Even the Begonia chlorosticta that had melted back to nothing has regrown. That's going to be a real showstopper when it gains a bit more size. This little ecosystem also has a range of other life in there too. I didn't purposely add them but they must have arrived