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Pendant in the form of a hand, first half 17th century, Spanish.

Pendant in the Form of a Hand Date: first half century Culture: possibly Spanish Medium: Rock crystal, with enameled gold mount set with emeralds Dimensions: Height: 2 in. cm) Classification: Metalwork-Gold and Platinum

Pendant in the form of a parrot / Spain / Late 16th-early 17th Century

Late Century Baroque Pendant In The Form Of A Parrot ~ made Of Gold And Platinum With Pearls With Enamelled Gold Mounts And Pendant Pearls ~Probably Spanish~ Part Of The Jack And Belle Linsky Collection At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Pendant in the form of a centaur Date: late 16th–early 17th century Culture: possibly Spanish Medium: Baroque pearl with enameled gold mounts set with sapphires and rubies, and with pendent pearls

Pendant in the Form of a Centaur - Late Century - Possibly Spanish - Baroque Pearl with Enameled Gold Mounts Set with Sapphires, Rubies, and Pendant Pearls - Gold and Platinum - The Jack and Belle Linsky Collection, 1982

Necklace pendants and beads late Old Babylonian                                                       Date:                                      ca. 17th–16th century BC Mesopotamia,said to be from Dilbat Babylonian. Gold Metropolitan Museum

Necklace pendants and beads Period:late Old Babylonian Date:ca. Geography:Mesopotamia, said to be from Dilbat Culture:Babylonian Medium:Gold in.

Etruscan bronze Chariot inlaid with ivory, 2nd quarter of 6th century BCE

*ITALY ~ Bronze chariot inlaid with ivory Etruscan quarter of century BCE Found near Monteleone di Spoleto in 1902 with scenes of Achilles Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York.