The BTT and BTT Second Gen (Matthew, Ludwig, Lovino). - Art by Kazusaka<<<I kind of adore this, however, I don't believe in young Ludwig, I'm a firm believer that Holy Rome became Germany. Yep.

The BTT and BTT Second Gen (Matthew, Ludwig, Lovino) hanging out when the older guys get drunk and fall asleep. I just love how responsible all three kids. Just image if Matthew, Ludwig, Lovino as the BTT XD - Art by Kazusaka

Spain and Romano cats.

A Cat's Life by x-Lilou-chan-x on deviantART. Neko Hetalia Spain x Romano .I'm so conflicted on wether or not to ship them!


Lol I like how his name sounds cuddly but he would rather shank you before cuddling you<<<< what then cuddle your dead body?

I would apologize for the swearing, but it's Romano, so what did you expect?

I feel like Spain would brush it off with hugs and smiles in public while promising to "thank" Lovi later~

Aph Spain

Imma do a Spain spam for a tribute to Barcelona. Stay safe world

れな - Hetalia - Spain / Romano

れな - Hetalia - Spain / Romano Haha they should make a parody of 'James and the giant peach' but w these two and a giant tomato xD

Baby!France, Baby!Prussia, & Baby!Spain || Hetalia

Bad Touch Friends Trio Chibis Spain, Prussia and France. I fond this cute somehow.


bwusagi: “Devil Francis according to my headcanon. He has long horns but still shorter than Matt’s.

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