this was me. .

Yes I always thought "If I only sleep with one the other will be left out"and my mom would come in and see me tucking myself in bed with all my stuffed animals and she just kissed me goodnight and quickly walked out

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Anime picture with final fantasy final fantasy XIV miqo'te momoko (momopoco) long hair single tall image blonde hair breasts smile simple background bare shoulders fringe animal ears looking away holding lips cat ears tattoo bare belly

Every time I get bored…

Every time I get bored…

I do weird crap all the time not just when I'm bored>> I was doing that exact thing at my house with my best friend

This happens all the time....

yeah friend breakups hurt a lot fucking more, and it's not like you can find a replacement friend

Growing up with glasses

Growing up with glasses I like to wear them because they hide the exhaustion and dread of going to school in my eyes.

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animal ears black hair blush breasts cat ears cat tail checkered checkered floor cleavage crown cuffs dress eyebrows eyebrows visible through hair hair between eyes handcuffs long hair lying mauve medium breasts mini crown original red eyes solo tail

Commission - Blossoms by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt

Colored version of the halfbody The adopts here: Yay yay I love to color and shading yay yay! - - - - - - - - Tablet Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Made in Paint Tool Sai Edited .