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Looking for a thoughtful gift to give others that only costs a couple of dollars? You will love these simple DIY room spray recipes!  DIY Christmas gifts under $5. Check out these adorable DIY Christmas gifts room sprays with Essential Oils. The Free printable Christmas gift labels. I can’t wait to give these as DIY Christmas gifts for teachers. sign up for wholesale membership and get your essential oils with By Oily Design.

6 Simple DIY Christmas gift room sprays that will be a hit

6 Simple DIY Christmas gift room sprays that will be a huge hit. Christmas gifts under $20. DIY Christmas gifts for friends. Printable labels and recipes

Here are some great beard oil recipes and tips for maintaining your facial hair with essential oils.

Beard Taming Oils for Movember

If you or someone you know is participating in Movember, check out these beard-taming oils for the month of Movember!

Supermoon Adaptiv Diffuser Blend  Supermoon blend is for when everything is crazy! Maybe the kids won’t go to bed. Or maybe it’s you that is feeling antsy and out of sorts.It’s okay. Calm your nerves, and rest. The oils in Supermoon blend will gently relax your body and mind.  Supermoon contains the following essential oils. Combine in your favorite essential oil diffuser.  Balance blend  doTERRA Adaptiv  Cedarwood essential oil  Buy Oils In Supermoon on my doTERRA website!

doTERRA Adaptiv Diffuser Blends

Are you looking for essential oil diffuser blends containing doTERRA Adaptiv? Grab your diffuser. doTERRA Adaptiv diffuser blends are here!

What you need to know about using essential oils when going to spend time out in the sun. These essential oils are photosensitive or phototoxic. Make sure you know what oils are and are not safe for your family, including the kids! How to keep your family safe with essential oils. Important information about what essential oils should not be used when going out into the sun. #EssentialOilSafety #PhotosensitiveOils

Photosensitivity, using essential oils in the sun. Free pdf

Essential oils and sun. Don’t make this painful mistake, avoid using these photosensitive essential oils in the sun. Download our handy Free pdf List of oils to avoid a painful mistake. How to use Essential Oils safely in summer.

Peaceful Slumber Adaptiv Diffuser Blend  Use Peaceful Slumber when you need to rest your body and your mind. This blend will help you wind down in the evenings.   And gently drift off to sleep at night. Rest well, my friend!  Peaceful Slumber contains the following essential oils. Combine in your favorite essential oil diffuser.  Adaptiv blend  doTERRA Serenity blend  Buy Oils In Peaceful Slumber on my doTERRA website!

doTERRA Adaptiv Diffuser Blends

Are you looking for essential oil diffuser blends containing doTERRA Adaptiv? Grab your diffuser. doTERRA Adaptiv diffuser blends are here!

Suffer from Migraines and headaches? Fight back with essential oils. Busy mom’s ease symptoms with this powerful Migraine and headache roller using Peppermint, panaway and lavender. All Young living starter kit oils. YL member 3177383 Suffer from Migraine Essential Oils For Headaches, Essential Oil Diffuser Blends, Natural Essential Oils, Panaway Essential Oil Uses, Migraine Essential Oil Blend, Panaway Oil, Stress Relief Essential Oils, Essential Oil Spray, Essential Oils

Try this DIY pick your head up roller using essential oils.

Easy two step DIY recipe for an on the go pick my head up roller. Keep it on hand for a refreshing cool relaxing sensation for your head and neck.

Take Care Of Your Skin With These Simple Steps DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes : Learn how to make your own DIY Brown Sugar Scrub with just a few natural ingredi Body Scrub Recipe, Sugar Scrub Recipe, Sugar Scrub Diy, Sugar Scrubs, Diy Face Scrub, Diy Scrub, Brown Sugar Scrub, Natural Body Scrub, Lip Scrub Homemade

Make DIY Homemade Brown Sugar Body & Lip Scrubs

An easy collection of sugar scrub recipes that you can make at home in a jiffy! In this blog post, we have 4 super simple DIY brown sugar scrub recipes.

How to create your own face serum using essential oils. You'll love this simple DIY for creating a natural and healthy glow! You can combat fine lines, clogged pores, and sagging skin naturally with this all natural face serum. Made to reduce the effects of summer sun on your skin. Enjoy the summer sunshine without causing harm to your delicate facial skin. A super quick and easy face serum for the sun, perfect for the busy mom! An all natural face serum you can make at home.

Create beautiful Summer skin by using an Essential Oil Serum

How to make the best natural face serum to protect and repair your skin from harsh summer sun. Recipe for the best natural face serum using Essential oils.

Here are some delicious and healthy salad dressing recipes using essential oils you need to try! Easy Salads, Healthy Salads, Best Essential Oils, Salad Dressing Recipes, Clean Eating Recipes, Caprese Salad, Recipe Using, Good Food, Natural

2 Minute Essential Oil Infused Salad Dressing Recipes

2 Minute Essential Oil Infused Salad Dressing Recipes • Essential Oils •

How to make your own DIY Perfume using all natural ingredients like essential oils. An essential oil DIY perfume with Citrus Fresh and Peace

Make your own DIY Perfume with Essential Oils.

Make your own DIY Perfume. Essential Oil DIY perfume with Citrus Fresh and Peace & Calming essential oils. YL member # 3177383

Save yourself money and keep your family healthy and strong with these easy DIY foaming hand soap recipes. 3 homemade all natural DIY Foaming hand soap recipes in different scents that everyone enjoys! Lemon scented hand soap, Winter Forest hand soap and Rosemary Mint Hand soap, all made at home with a fast and simple DIY recipe. Use your own Young Living oils to create a DIY foaming hand soap at home.

3 easy homemade all natural DIY Foaming hand soap recipes.

3 simple DIY foaming hand soap recipes using essential oils. Make one of these great foaming hand soaps- Lemon, Woodsy, or Rosemary Peppermint hand soap.

5 essential oil diffuser blends for fall. Pumpkin spice diffuser blend mulled cider diffuser blend and more! Bring the beautiful warm spicy smells of fall into your home with these essential oil diffuser blends. Wild Orange Essential Oil, Essential Oil Uses, Essential Oil Diffuser Blends, Diffuser Recipes, Pumpkin Spice, Allergies, Spicy, Fall, Aromatherapy

Fall Diffuser Blends

6 reviews

Check out these Fall Diffuser Blends to get you in the festive spirit. Mulled Cider. Orange Spice. And many more essential oil blends for immune support.

What you need to know about the benefits of Ginger oil. Learn the 6 ways you can use Ginger oil. How to use Ginger oil in your diffuser. 10 great recipes using Ginger oil in your recipe. Learn more about how your family can use Ginger oil for your health and wellbeing. Get these top recipes for the health and wellbeing of your family, great ways to use Ginger oil in your diffuser. #GingerOil #HowToUseOils #EssentialOils Essential Oils Cleaning, Essential Oils For Hair, Essential Oil Uses, Essential Oil Diffuser, What Is Ginger, Ginger And Honey, Recipe Using Ginger, Ginger Side Effects, Roller Bottle Recipes

The 6 Top Ways To Use Ginger Oils In Your Home!

Ginger essential oil has many surprising uses and health benefits. Check out these aromatic, topical uses and get free diffuser recipes.

The number one reason I tried out essential oils is for the Thieves cleaner! I am amazed at how it cuts through grease and a bottle of concentrate lasts so long! Enjoy this spicy and fresh scent in your home when you clean with a safe and all natural cleaning solution. What you need to know about getting started with a DIY cleaning solution made with essential oils. #ThievesCleaner #StartingEssentialOils #SafeCleaningProducts Essential Oils For Face, Essential Oils Cleaning, Essential Oil Diffuser Blends, Essential Oil Uses, Young Living Essential Oils, Homemade Body Wash, Young Living Oils, Natural Cleaning Products, Grease

How letting Thieves in my house helped us!

Try the best Essential oil household cleaner out there! This cleaner is so versatile and can be used to naturally clean every part of your home.

Looking for a simple and easy way to keep your home smelling fresh and clean? What you need to know about how to create a DIY carpet cleaner. The easiest and eco friendly way to clean your carpets. Create your own carpet cleaner with essential oils and non-toxic supplies for a safe and clean home. #DIYCarpetCleaner #EssentialOils #NonToxicHome Diy Home Cleaning, Cleaning Recipes, Cleaning Hacks, Organizing Tips, Organization Ideas, Natural Cleaning Products, Diy Products, Carpet Freshener, Essential Oils Cleaning

Make your house smell amazing with this DIY carpet freshener using essential oils.

Easy to make DIY Carpet freshener using essential oils will help get rid of pet smells, kid stink and other smells. Make this safe non toxic carpet refresher.

Hey tired out mom, I see you! You need to give this Stress Away bath soak a try! How to help your body destress and unwind after a difficult day. How moms can take care of themselves with self care and a detoxing bath. Moms, use your Young living kit oils for a destress bath. Feels so amazing and smells fabulous. How to create a stress away bath soak! #DIYbathsoak #EssentialOilBath Yl Essential Oils, Young Living Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Yl Oils, Young Living Kits, Young Living Party Ideas, Young Living Stress Away, Bath Salts Recipe, Bath Recipes

Stress Away take me away!

Stress Away essential oil. An amazing oil for helping you unwind and relax after a stressful day. Stress away comes in the premium starter kit.