Evelin Luzsinszky

Evelin Luzsinszky

Evelin Luzsinszky
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USSR abandoned places in decay - A tree growing through an abandoned piano

I've heard it said that if you listen carefully you can hear music in the trees. Suitable for playing Bach.the stuff on tree trunks, not doggy speaks- duh, sorry) Piano Tree, Monterey, California

Jim Morrison--break on through to the otherside,yeaah!

Jim Morrison: "we're all in the cosmic movie, you know that? That means the day you die you got to watch your whole life Recurring eternally, forever So you better have some good incidents happening in there And a fitting climax" - Jim Morrison

Ancient City of Petra, Jordan by Candlelight, photographed by Andrew Waddington

The Treasury, Petra, Jordan by candlelight. This World Heritage site was founded by the Nabataean kingdom in and around the century BC and is famous for it's numerous rock cut buildings. Photo by Andrew Waddington