Elvira Tóvizi

Elvira Tóvizi

Tök mindegy mit mondok magamról, mindenki azt hisz, amit akar - ez az egyik. A másik: ha valamit tudni szeretnél, akkor kérdezzél :)
Elvira Tóvizi
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Gypsy Vanner draft horse, Romeo

Buttercup is enraged about what has been happening with Emsin and Honor, she will find out everything sooner enough and then people he will regret.

A Gypsy Horses facial profile should be straight, neither overly dished nor roman nosed.  A sweet head, more refined than that of most draft horses, is desired.  The GHAs breed standard states that the head may be sweet, a small, tidy pony type head,--meaning without coarseness and in proportion with the body.

Dragon Fire - These Gypsy Vanners just keep getting more and more gorgeous!

Palomino Gypsy Horse

Fabulous Looking Palomino Gypsy Vanner; Though I Think This Horse Could Use Some Slimming Down.

Love this painted drum!

Green Stag - Windwolf Studio :: Creativity at the speed of flight. Visionary symbolic artwork, prints, feather and drum paintings and t-shirts availabl.