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Mark Zuckerberg magyar puli kutyája Hungarian Puli dog Mark Zuckerberg

Please Enjoy This Mind-Blowing Photo of an Extremely Fuzzy Sheepdog Floating in Mid-Air

especially love the wrinkly ones. much more huggable and imperfectly perfect

Some of the cutest dog pics ever . I mean who doesn't love a wrinkly puppy?

Puli Dog art print CANVAS print of LA Shepard by TheDogLover

Puli Dog art portrait CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting

Flying Puli

Flying Puli

Mark Zuckerburg's adorable dog

Mark Zuckerberg's dog masters the art of camouflage in glorious new photos

Zobacz, jak pies Marka Zuckerberga opanował sztukę kamuflażu do perfekcji!

Komondor    http://www.thedogtable.com/the-dog-table/working/komondor

Komondor http://www.thedogtable.com/the-dog-table/working/komondor

Raaza, a Komondorok

Best in Show! Westminster dog photos

Raaza, a Komondorok, waits to go into the ring during the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York.

This is a Komondor, a traditional Hungarian guard dog.


9 Hungarian dog breeds with images that will make you smile - guaranteed

A great book by photographer Tim Flach. Also his book Equus on the subject of horses is fantastic.

Great home decor accent piece for any dog lover! Beautiful coffee table book with photos by Tim Flach.