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a man is holding a large chicken in his hands while other chickens walk around him
So, one of my friends just posted this pic of them holding a Giant Brahma Chicken.
a sheep is sitting in the snow looking at the camera
Luxury Merino Wool | Grown on our NY Farm | Knitting Wool
a close up of a sheep in a pen
Julia Métraux on Twitter
a person taking a photo of a cat laying on top of a sheep's wool
a sheep laying on the ground with its eyes closed and it's head up
a woman holding a baby goat in her arms while standing on top of a lush green field
three sheep standing next to each other on top of a grass covered field in front of a fence
Dirty Lamb Gets Washed And Becomes Ultra-Fluffy
Nothing Beats Baby Goats Jumping & Playing!
a baby lamb is sitting on top of three pumpkins in the grass with their mouths open
Pumpkin goat OwO - Animals