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four pictures of trees in different stages of growing and being held by someone's hand
Life cycle of a tulip plant science activity for kids
Explore the stages of a tulip's life cycle with this fun foldable activity. Ideal as a spring science center, for an interactive science notebook, or to support learning about plants, life cycles, spring flowers, or seasonal changes. Simple instructions with pictures are provided to help with folding. Once complete, the 2 halves of the tulip are brought together, then gently pulled apart to reveal the life cycle stages from bulb to flower inside.
I can help the Earth by| Cut and paste printable book craft for Earth Day
Download this I can help the Earth by printable cut and paste worksheet to teach kids about the importance of caring for our planet Earth this Earth Day. Perfect craft activity for preschoolers, kindergarteners and elementary school kids. Can be done as part of your save the earth lesson plans, as a small school project or family project. #craftsbyria #pollutioncrafts
an open book with the words i have a dream written on it, and two pictures of
I Have a Dream Folding Card Printable Craft
several photos of children playing around the world made out of peas and watermelon