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three coffee cups with cats sitting in them
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a black cat with the word fod on it's forehead
many cats and dogs are in the same pattern on a white background with black, brown, and orange colors
a black and white drawing of a cat in a box with the words world domination written on it
It starts wit da plants.
three white cats sitting on top of a tree branch
Pussy Willows
three coffee cups with cats sitting in them
Ashleigh. Maybe in a series of canvas?
an image of a cat that is sitting in front of a window with another cat behind it
Best Cute Animal Art – My Life Spot
This Japanese artist created big cuddly animal to soothe people, making us feel better #CuteAnimalart
a black cat with a white butterfly on its nose looking at it's reflection
a drawing of a cat with sunglasses on it's head and tail laying down
a painting of a black cat looking at goldfish
a cat with many fish around it's neck