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a woman in a dress standing on stage
a man with white makeup and blue eyes wearing a turban on top of his head
shadow make-up on David Bowie in Blue Jean PV
a young boy wearing sunglasses and holding a fake skull
a magazine cover with an image of a man with red hair
Exclusive: David Bowie by Sukita
a man holding his hand up in the air while standing next to a microphone on stage
David Bowie's 13 Most Influential Looks — PHOTOS
a woman holding a microphone up to her mouth
a young man with red hair is looking at his cell phone
a man standing in front of a microphone with his hands on his hips while wearing a dress
25 era-defining photos of David Bowie through the decades
a man in a black dress on stage with a microphone and other musicians behind him
vezzipuss.tumblr.com — David Bowie, Wembley, “Outside Tour”, Circa 95
a man with red hair and sunglasses sitting down
The Magical World Of Loveage Moondream