Hungarian Chicken Paprikas with Homemade Spaetzle

Hungarian Chicken Paprikas with Homemade Spaetzle. My Hungarian husband LOVED it! ~American Heritage Cooking Read Recipe by recipegirl

Kókuszgolyó: Hungarian coconut rum balls

Hungarian rumballs These delicious rum balls are made with cherries and rolled in coconut flakes. It is a very rummy rum ball, .

A Somlói galuska torta

Hozzávalók 24 cm-es tortaformához A világos piskótalaphoz 2 nagy (L) vagy

Töpörtyüs Pogácsa - Hungarian (crackling) Biscuits

food and thrift: Töpörtyüs Pogácsa-Hungarian (crackling) Biscuits. I will make this tasty hungarian scone when I have 5 hrs. We use sour cream instead of yogurt but am open to trying it this way.

Kürtőskalács házilag: így készítsd el az otthoni sütőben

Italian Food and Style: Parte I "Ritorno da Budapest": Food & Style ungherese!

Túrós palacsinta

"Syrniki" - are sweet fried cheese fritters or pancakes , garnished with sour cream, jam, honey, or apple sauce. In Russia they are also known as "tvorojniki". Can be lightened up with low fat Ricotta and light sour cream.

Plum dumplings

Hungarian dessert: the Szilvásgombóc (plum-filled dumplings topped with powdered sugar) - knödel hongroise

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