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a close up of a small device on a bed with camo print sheets in the background
a close up of a yellow and silver object on a white surface with holes in it
Neue Kydexe
Neue Kydexe - Seite 22
an orange and grey camera with two pairs of scissors
Neue Kydexe
Accessories, Louis Vuitton, Tool Design, Cool Things To Buy, Handmade
several different colored leather keychains arranged in a circle on a black table top
a person is working on a table with tools : Sheath/Holster Molding Press - 12"/24" Bench Models
a knife with a leather sheath on top of it
Fallkniven S1 Custom handles and kydex sheath
a knife and chain are on top of a table with some screwdrivers in front of it
several different types of screws and nuts in plastic containers
Gun Guy Gear - Assorted Screws & Spacers for Kydex Holsters & Knife Sheaths 130pc
a blue plastic object sitting on top of an orange surface
Neue Kydexe
Neue Kydexe
an assortment of tools are laid out on the table
Neue Kydexe
Neue Kydexe - Seite 18
a hand holding a piece of wood with some metal rivets on it's side
Kydex Sheath (textured by me) O-1 Tool Steel Pattern Micarta Scales