I need this!!! Lol

I have rehearsal/work". But, I'm not sure if everyone would get the Phantom of the Opera reference:)

It is true.

Actually it's more along the lines of: *scuffling* *banging* *bursts through wall with bedazzled cape and noose*

Funny cuz that's what my friends say when I suggest watching POTO.

My best friend and I love POTO (Me more so)! But my parents hate it. So now it's a running joke in the house, how I always try to talk them into watching it.

It's over now, the music of the night....

She picked up the song sheet dusting off the piano and began to play. It filled the empty house with a beautiful sound.

Phantom of the opera

The Phantom painting. -- Musicals, Phantom of the Opera, fan art, background, cellphone screen