Star Wars

I'm not a hardcore Star Wars fan, just know the basics but that is just so FUNNY! I At-Ats

How Star Wars Lightsabers Work

Lightsaber - Fact and Fiction, How It Works Infographic

Facts and Fiction: How Star Wars Lightsabers Work [Infographic] Geeks are Sexy Technology News


From architect and artist Red Hong Yi, observe these seven anamorphic Star Wars silhouettes, shadow art experiments created by shining a beam of light from a specific position onto different shapes arranged on wires.

A transparency print that imitates the look of stained glass. Just tape it up in…

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The Wonderful and Whimsical Star Wars Inspired Art of James Hance

‘We’ll Be Alright’ (Star Wars / Wookiee The Chew - Charcoal) Another Penny / Leia portrait - James Hance