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Emőke Asztalos
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He looked across the feild of dead soldiers. His bare chest rising and falling in smooth calm motions. Because anyone to stand up to him must be begging for death.

Via Geekfill - "How to read Korean brief tutorial"

Funny pictures about Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Oh, and cool pics about Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Also, Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes photos.

Fallout 4 - Pip-Boy 3000 Papercraft Free Template Download - http://www.papercraftsquare.com/fallout-4-pip-boy-3000-papercraft-free-template-download.html#Fallout, #PipBoy3000

This papercraft is a Pip-Boy a pre-war electronic Personal Information Processor (PIP), and acts as a database for the player character's personal in


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