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three guitars are lined up against a wooden wall, one is brown and the other is blue
Best Electric Guitar for Ambient Music (our top pick)
For ambient tones, I'd focus on semi-hollowbody electric guitars, like Gretsch and the Gibson ES-335. But the SE version of the PRS Hollowbody II is easily my top pick. Not only do you have the hollowbody design, but you also have a piezo pickup option which will capture the acoustic aspects of the guitar, and pair very well with delay, reverb, and other ambient effects.
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Our Favorite Tube Amp under $2000
Our favorite tube amp for guitar that costs less than $2000. Multiple channels, lots of tone-shaping options, strength with clean and high-gain tones, and brand reliability. #guitar #mesaboogie #electricguitar #tubeamps #guitaramps
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PRS SE Silver Sky Mod Ideas (pickups and hardware)
If you've got a PRS SE Silver Sky and have the itch to customize and/or upgrade, it's a great guitar for modding. And the SE Silver Sky is pretty solid as-is, relatively small changes can get a more specific tone you might be chasing. In this article, we'll explore some pickup and hardware mod ideas that can kick your PRS SE Silver Sky up a couple notches. Image via https://www.instagram.com/mooreguitars/?g=5