Endréné Szilágyi

Endréné Szilágyi

Endréné Szilágyi
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suits. great for groomsmen, wedding invitation etc by monique

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. just pics, wanna make # Sen female hand # the the various origami shirt collar, good gentleman's feeling! Can be used as gift packaging Oh ~!


Mount Jewelry - How to Make and Sell, Step by Step, Ideas and More!: Bracelet golden chains, rhinestone chain and silk cord - 2 models step by step! I have some of these rhinestones, maybe with silver chain and another color of silk.

A cute idea you can do with a broken hair tie so don't throw them away!

I love this beauty - I don’t wear jewelry. but I enjoy creating pieces like this one - and it’s easy to give away something this unique :-) knot