DIY Craft Project: Wine Cork House

DIY Craft Project: Wine Cork House, could do gingerbread style for Christmas decor for basement.

This is too cute! Made me smile. :) Saloon Bird

This is too cute! Made me smile. :) Saloon Bird Source Succulents Source Hot Peppers Source 5 Fun Up-Cycled B.

Multi level Pagoda Bird Feeder with finches. Wow, highrise bird feeder allows for many birds to comfortably gather at once.

Pagoda Bird Feeders

Attract and feed wild birds with beautiful and unique pagoda bird feeders.

What to do with all those corks? Bird house and more ideas...

bird feeder - garden art Cork Bird House Colorful Birdhouses :) watering can bird house

Wine Cork Birdhouse - Adorable!

Vogelhuisje Wine Cork Birdhouse- I am always on the lookout for new wine cork projects. I seem to have an endless supply on hand!) It would be great for my step-mom who collects birdhouses.

Wine corkboard bird house. A perfect reason to drink MORE wine.

Cork bird house is a neat way to recycle old corks. So drink up, for the birds of course!

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